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“Cave Creek Guitar” provides exceptional service to our clients by offering the finest guitars and amplifier available.  Each manufacturer is screened and evaluated base on our 30 years in the industry.  Our criterion for these instruments includes playability and value, and for amplifiers we listen to the tone and evaluate the features to ensure that you receive the best possible systems available.  Lastly we look seriously at the value that these instruments offer.  Some of our offerings are in the tens of thousands of dollars and as low as a few hundred.  Each represents the finest that we can discover in that range.


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PRS Double Dragon guitar PRS Double Dragon

About us…  We cater to working musicians and collectors throughout the US.  “Cave Creek Guitar” in Arizona has a flawless reputation for quality and for providing some of the finest Marques in the world.  We are selling some of the stores collection from a recent transaction and some amazing trades.   The guitars we sell are carefully selected and check to be in top condition.  We will disclose even minor defects that we discover on our preowned instruments. As you would expect, all of our new instruments are in first class condition.  We have an excellent rating on all the blogs and boards.  Check us out and you'll find that we have an excellent reputation.

About Us


“Cave Creek Guitar” in Arizona has been in the business selling fine guitars for over 30 years.  What that means to you is that we really know a great instrument when we see it and we should after all that time in business.  We only sell first class guitars, no seconds, no blems, nothing but the best.  These guitars are carefully selected and checked to be in top condition.  We disclose any defects that we discover on our pre-owned instruments and amps.  

We represent some of the finest guitar and amplifier manufacturers in the world.

Give an opportunity to discuss our outstanding inventory or other special wishes with you before you consider anyone else.