We want you to be excited about your purchase.  We want you to be as excited as we are about music and especially about guitars. An exited customer will refer us to friends and or a colleague. Ask someone that does business with us and you will discover that our reputation is our most cherished asset.  Check out the blogs and various industry web sites for corroboration.  We are held in high regard by our customers for a very good reason:  We Care…


Special Orders

What is a Special Order?  Many of our manufacturers and builders have custom shops menaing that they rarely create guitars for which there are no orders, so we consider them custom shops.  When we contact these builders for a custom guitar they require a partial payment to offset the expense of creating your custom guitar.  That's a Special Order.


Special Orders require a 50% deposit, if for any reason you cannot or do not want your special order we will keep a portion of this deposite to cover administrative costs.  You unerstand of course that our manufacturers require a partial prepayment start the order.  If there is a stock item that you desire, we can work that into our normal ordering cycle for no additional charge.



We will refund you money if you are not completely satisfied with your product if it is in still “Like New” condition.  That means that you return it in a reasonable amount of time, that it has not been “gigged” (used on stage or in the clubs), that it still has all of the original packing and case candy as applicable, and that you can tell us exactly why it did not fit your needs. 


This policy does not apply to internet or eBay sales.  We do not offer refunds for these types of tranactions.



We insist that your new instrument be registered with the manufacturer in a reasonable amount of time to begin the warrantee or guarantee of that manufacturer.  We will handle any returns to the manufacturer for you if requested.  We will recommend the proper warrantee or service center for each of our covered products.  We do not offer extended warrantees or guarantees on pre-owned / used equipment.


Our pricing is based on the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and on the Manufacturer’s Advertised Price (MAP).  We will not quote in print (on the internet) any other pricing.  We often have some latitude to discount our prices but you must call us for a personal quote.  We are legally bound by our contracts with the manufacturers to abide by their fair pricing regulations and our contracts with them individually.


We will often accept an exceptional instrument for trade-in.  As you can imagine this is very difficult to accommodate on the internet via email, etc.  So if you have something that you would like to trade, call us first and we will discuss it.  We will most often ask that you bring the instrument in for evaluation first.  Of course we can make arrangements for other options, but please call us first to discuss this option.



We ask that you pay for the shipping of your items.  We will arrange the most economical and expedient transportation available.  If you need the item the next day we can accommodate these requests, however, this is often very expensive.  Consider that a normal guitar and case weighs about 40 pound, and that the box that we use is often considered a “Custom” sized container.  This adds to the shipping costs.


We will ship internationally on a few special occasions.  Please contact us first.  We will insist that you pay any VAT or excise taxes applicable to the country of delivery to your shipping address.  We will not attempt to help you circumvent these taxes. 


We do not ship to Asia…  Don’t ask.

In Closing

After all, we are here to help you select the instrument that is suited to your individual needs as a musician, or that fit into hole or missing spot in your collection.  We want to make sure that your experience with Cave Creek Guitar is a simple and satisfying as possible.  We want you to be excited about your purchase!